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Why Choose Us?

Microtalk is specialized in house self-control development process which provides customer direct support without any delay

Microtalk provides all in one Tollfree Number solution. Our highly innovative tollfree number technology can be merged with any features like IVR, CRM, Call Recording, Call Tracking, Call forwarding, call routing and many more. Microtalk's 1800 Number not only provide you a number, it provides you an all in one customer service technology.

Integrating tollfree number with other value-added features like, IVR, CRM, Call Forwarding, Call Tracking, Call Routing etc. is just a one click activity. Microtalk's simplest and easy to use user portal gives you the authority to customize and build your own tollfree number with added features as per your requirement. Microtalks easy to use portal tightens user's grip on tollfree number.

A user of Microtalk toll free service gets features like Live panel, Call report, Call Tracking, Time Dependent routing and many more. Those tools of Microtalk's services helps a business organization to monitor its customer calls and generate insight reports of customer calls. Those information are created with real time analysis which help the organization to understand customer need. Microtalk's Performance analysis tool provides insight of the business organization. Now it is easy to see an increase in call volume, ROI and sales resulting from the power of the toll-free number that will allow your business to expand.

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Common Questions

You can certainly cancel your Subscription. You can cancel your subscription at end of a month or year whichever term is mentioned in the signed SLA. Service cancelation request is processed under 3 to 6 working hours. No charges are applied for subscription cancelation.

Payment can be made online through Microtalk portal. Payment can also be made using IMPS or NEFT/RTGS to Microtalk's designated bank account. Online payment using Microtalk portal is seamless and faster.

You can manage our toll free number with a easy to use web portal. You can track you calls, customer, balance, and other detail which will help you to manage your tollfree account.

Microtalk is PCI compliant and fraud protected. It has SSL portals with individual password access for Users and System Administrators and the phones are locked to IP addresses. Microtalk provides multiple high availability secure data centres.

As per your SLA agreement you will get your subscription receipt at the end of a month or year as per the service tenure or billing cycle you will choose. A auto generated mail with the receipt will be mailed to your registered mail id. You can also download your receipt from the microtalk user portal.

This is totally depend upon the requirement of a user. We will always try our best to give the best solution at the cheapest rate.

Currently we are not offering any free trial. But we will give or quote the cheapest rates as per your requirement.

Resetting password is very easy like other portals. You have to go to reset password option and have to provide your registered mail id. A link will be provided to your mail id for resetting the password. Open the link and give your new password. Your account password will be changed in a second.